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Stone Glidden Project Spotlight: Rabbit Run Creek

Placing an Emphasis on the Integral Part that Technology Plays in the Luxury Living Market

Stone Glidden Project Spotlight: Rabbit Run Creek

Scannapieco Development has selected Stone Glidden as their Technology Partner at Rabbit Run Creek, ultra-luxury townhomes in New Hope, PA.  Scannapieco is known for its ultra-high- end residential development at 1706 Rittenhouse Square and now 500 Walnut St. in Center City, placing an emphasis on the integral part that technology plays in the Luxury Living market.


TAGS: Home Audio | Home Network | HVAC | iPad control | Lighting control | Outdoor Audio

Stone Glidden Partner Spotlight: BEAM

Bringing Exceptional Value and the Best of the Best in Lighting Design to Every Project

Stone Glidden Partner Spotlight: BEAM


Private Residence Beach House 4We like to keep you in the loop about firms that bring exceptional value to a project.  With that in mind we want to give a shout out to Kirsten Kent Carangi and her team at BEAM, who provide the best of the best in lightning design. On our joint projects, Stone Glidden plans and executes Smart Lighting Control while BEAM handles all aspects of conceptual design, lighting layout, and fixture specification. They are easy to work with and tremendous at what they do, so we are big fans.


TAGS: Beam Illumination | Lighting control | Lighting Design

How to Address a Listening Environment in the Real World. Part 2

Creating Sonic Nirvana. A is for Amplification.

How to Address a Listening Environment in the Real World. Part 2

 If you are looking to up your sonic game, the relationship between Pre-Amp, Amp and Speakers is where it happens.  My firm has built and installed thousands of systems throughout the Mid-Atlantic.  I say this because when I founded Stone Gildden and first created music rooms in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, it was simply to deliver great sound and an all-encompassing experience. I love creating that jaw dropping moment when clients look like they have heard sound for the first time. There is really nothing like a moment of clarity, a moment when crystal clear music reigns supreme.  Technically, the heart of this moment is amplification, driving sound to each channel.  Amplification, however can be a cruel mistress.  Amplifiiers work best when the signals they are receiving are clearly and correctly processed.


TAGS: analog | audiophile | hi-end audio | hifi | listening room | stereo | turntable | vinyl