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Sonos or Heos? Here's How We See (and Hear) It

The "pros" of these two wireless music pros

Sonos or Heos? Here's How We See (and Hear) It

We have been on the forefront of Sonos just about since its inception. We have demoed Sonos' capabilities thousands of times to our clients in our King of Prussia Showroom. Sonos works wonderfully as an easy control system for Music through both its stand-alone speakers, Play:3 & Play:5, or through a receiver with wired speakers. Every now and then we do get asked if there is a reliable quality alternative to Sonos. In fact there is, Heos by Denon.


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Finally: A Way to Blend Your TV Into Your Interior Design

Here Are the Ideal Ways to Conceal or Enhance Your Television

Finally: A Way to Blend Your TV Into Your Interior Design

You’re probably really excited about your new 65” Ultra HD television. For your interior designer, that TV is a design nightmare.

When it comes to TVs, “bigger and better” is on the rise. When it comes to design, the more subtle the technology, the better. So how do you strike a balance in your Philadelphia, PA home?

There are two primary techniques for incorporating your TV into your interior design: CONCEAL or ENHANCE. And, if you haven’t heard of Media Decor, then you don’t know about the best high-design solutions available.

Do you want to customize your hidden TV solution to create a cohesive interior design? Here are three ways you can transform your TV into a work of art.

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Solutions Spotlight: Savant

An elegant, simple solution for controlling everything in your smart home

Solutions Spotlight:  Savant

To say the Smart Home space has evolved since we started in 1985 would be an epic understatement. Over the years we have offered a myriad of home automation solutions as changing technology has driven client expectations. By far the most elegant solution we have come across is Savant.  

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