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Time to Peek Behind the Curtain

Time to Peek Behind the Curtain

So it’s time to make the jump …  maybe you’ve decided to upgrade your iPod-based music system to a high quality streaming solution. Or perhaps you are looking for ways to stream high quality movies throughout your home with a full cinematic experience, from a service like Kaleidescape. If you are like many of Stone Glidden’s customers, you not only want a great experience, but you want the solution to be aesthetically clean and visually appealing.  In other words, you don’t want equipment everywhere. You don’t want unsightly wires running across rooms and hanging out of cabinets.

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The New Smart Kid On The Block

Loxone House

We think long and hard before we bring on a new technology. Stone Glidden has been built on innovation and just as important, reliability. We meet with manufacturers many times before making a decision.  We then road test the technology for usability, customer experience and reliability when inserted into a matrix of surrounding systems.  After that long road we then ask a series of questions.   Would our customers find this useful?  Does this make our customers lives easier and bring enjoyment?  From there we make a decision on whether or not to add any given piece of technology into the Stone Glidden stable.

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The Wonderful World of Kaleidescape










At our King of Prussia showroom we have two really killer theaters.  Both are completely outfitted and deliver stunning audio and visual experiences.  At Stone Glidden we have worked hard to create memorable spaces and deliver technology that can simplify our client’s lives.  So when we select the tech that we are going to show off we really need to believe in it.

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