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Focus Your Outdoor Energy...Audio by Coastal Source.

We at Stone Glidden love to discover new toys.  We pride ourselves at creating memorable outdoor spaces that our clients can really live in.  Truly another room on the house.  When we find something that we can add to our bag of tricks, wow, do we get stoked. Well we just found something.  

Typically, we have two types of outdoor space clients. First, clients who would like to envelope a medium to larger space. They desire audio clarity and performance on their own outdoor footprint, not their neighbor's.  Not to pat our own back too hard, but we do this pretty darn well and we have been doing it for almost 40 years.  Second, and more often in recent years, we have been acquiring clients that desire a more focused space to really have pop from an Audio perspective.

Enter Coastal Source.  We have just brought on Coastal's Ellipse Bollard full-range speakers.  The system we have settled on, after a lot of really fun road testing, is the Ellipse Bollard 3.0 speakers paired with a 14" Bollard Subwoofer.  The Coastal Source Bollard Subwoofer has a larger driver area than most of the outdoor subwoofers we have encountered. 


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