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High Performance Networks

If you have ever experienced the “Netflix spinning ball of death” or had that important Zoom call crash while you were doing the WFH thing, you have felt the pain we all have felt.

Over-the-counter networking devices no longer meet the growing demands of connected lifestyles. At Stone + Glidden we understand that a robust home network is an absolute necessity when a client’s family depends on technology to handle nearly every aspect of their home environment. Our residential networking solutions, balance the secure & robust feature-sets that business owners expect, with the ease-of-use homeowner’s demand.

State-of-the-art electronic systems simplify the operation, control & automation of everything in the home from the lights, motorized shades, thermostats, security devices to the distribution of audio and video signals to displays and speakers throughout the home. Smart Technology is only as good as the network and if the network is weak there will be failures.

Due to the heavy demands we place on our network, an enterprise grade network must combine wireless coverage, and hard wired connection points in order to deliver the speed and reliability you need. Our team will create a heat map diagram which will indicate and help determine the most efficient locations for the router, controller, switches, and access points.

Our goal is for the network to operate so efficiently that you don’t even know it’s there. It is designed to be invisible, as it seamlessly supports the technology of the home. Give us a call, and we’ll set up a visit to discuss how we can get your network humming along with your favorite tune .

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