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"How come my “Smart TV” isn’t so smart?”

So you finally get around to upgrading your TV to one of the new sexy big screens you’ve been reading about in the papers … Best Buy has a sale, you have a free Saturday, you are feeling frisky, so you pull the trigger. A couple of beers and sore muscles later … there it is, bigger than life, with your old tube clunker by the curb … just in time for the Eagles game. Life is good …

The next weekend , however, is where you really want to show your stuff. The kids are out, it’s movie night with your honey, Bridget Jones Diary is cued up on your Apple TV ( I know, sacrifices have to be made in the name of technology ), the wine is uncorked, you dim the lights, hit play, and ….. nothing … a spinning ball. Doh !! … life is definitely not good.

WTF ?!?!?! … the salesman said this was the smartest TV on the planet. You’d be able to stream Netflix, Hulu, Google TV, what just happened ? What happened is you got broadsided by your wireless network. What do you mean ?, you bellow …,” I have the fastest ( insert Comcast or Fios ) service you can buy. I even had the electricians run those Cat 5 jacks all over the house when it was built. Wasn’t that supposed to make my internet better ? “.

Well, yes and no … you took your builders advice & had the electrician run the Cat 5, but when the cable guy showed up to hook up your internet service, he asked you where you had your computer, you pointed him to the study, over on the far end of the house, where he dutifully installed your modem & router, and promptly ran out the door to his next appointment. Now your sad big screen sits, 70 feet away from your wireless router, trying to hook up with Bridget Jones.

So what now ? There’s good news … we can put Humpty together again … using the existing wiring in your home. Not only can we make your slightly dumb TV smart again, we can also make your smart phones , iPad’s and tablets connect without a glitch. Streaming a movie on a Friday night ?… check , printing from your iPad to the network printer in the study ?… gotcha’ covered, kids doing homework on line while you’re checking email on your iPhone out on the deck ? … easy peezy.

A connected home isn’t a pipedream, it’s a reality, but all the technology in the world won’t mean a hill of beans if your network has you in a chokehold. Whether you are a homeowner looking to raise the IQ of your home , or a builder, architect, or designer looking to improve how your clients live … we can help make technology work for you. Pick up the phone or drop us an email … let us show you how…