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The Aha Moment: Magic Behind The Movie

We are always fascinated by the moment when clients experience groundbreaking music and entertainment. Not because the material is new, but because the elevated experience is cutting edge.  Most of us here at Stone Glidden are performers and musicians, so audience feedback is important to us. It fuels us in a way.  Whether it is one on one or a group, watching sensory magic washing over the audience is a big reason why we do what we do.

If you visit the Stone Glidden audio-visual experience showroom in King of Prussia, you are likely to be greeted by Amy O’Deay.  Amy is a client experience professional.  While Amy is amazingly proficient at the technical ins and outs of high-end engineered a/v systems, her specialty is taking clients on an audio visual journey that wows our visitors and guests.

Amy relates impactful elements clients respond to, “Musically, I love to play the song ‘Washing Machine’ by Amy Lavere on one of our two channel systems.  Really cool different song than what you hear on radio.  The audio engineering and production is stellar and sets a very good sound stage.  Ms. Lavere’s vocal delivery is very entertaining.  Played on a great system with amazing speakers, this song really makes an impact.”

Visually, Amy O’Deay definitely has a method to her magic.  “It’s about creating a perfectly customized space. If someone wants a unique space in their home that resonates with a wow factor, I can do that.  My goal is to make AV and home automation dreams a reality.”

Maybe Amy’s personal passion in horses and her rescued thoroughbred, whose show name happens to be from the movie featuring her favorite video clips to play clients (Ready Player One), drives Amy to create adrenaline-packed experiences.

Amy’s end to end knowledge of audio and video product lines combined with a desire to create memorable entertainment experiences for clients delivers over and over in our showroom. 

Call, make an appointment, visit and prepare to be amazed.

home automation in the music room 

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