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The Artistry Behind Stone Glidden


Parties, client meetings, partner meetings, and industry events at our King of Prussia showroom all deliver some universal reactions.  When guests walk into the space before they even get into the sights, sounds and technology, they are pleased by the theater-like setting along with the geometry of the space.  They seem generally calmed by the atmospheric lighting that washes carefully over the rooms.  Most seem taken by the marriage of art and science which is manifested through aesthetically pleasing audio and visual equipment arranged with an exactitude and silent reverence for their capability.

One other thing usually jumps at people: the art behind the art. Specifically, there are two pieces that generate questions, elicit oohs and ahhs and keep visitors standing still in admiration and thought.  Both pieces have a commonality. Both are created by Jeff Schaller.  Jeff’s studio is located in Downingtown PA and serves as a creative laboratory that gives birth to a style that is uniquely his own and best described in Jeff’s own words:

“I paint in the unique medium of encaustic, creating textural art pieces which incorporate representational form with the printed word. In essence, the visual and written symbols merge to create a unique aesthetic language that is both provocative and whimsical.
My multiple-image pieces, with images ranging from polka dots to popular culture, evoke emotions and memories in the viewer. The combination of images tells a story and provokes a personal exchange between the art and the audience.”

Schaller See Food

Tom Stone, Stone Glidden founder, taps Jeff on the shoulder to get the very effect that we have witnessed hundreds of times.  Personifying the entertainment experience.  Stone Glidden represents complete immersion in the home space.  There is a definitive sensory reaction that well done spaces deliver.  It is undeniable that smart lighting, intelligent control, enveloping audio and stunning visual coupled with space design creates a heightened experience that encapsulates us and affects us.  It is no less a sensory experience than the amazing landscapes that dot our world.

Jeff Schaller’s artistic interpretations are central to that experience, as described by Tom Stone:

"I have known Jeff since 1998 when he was the neighbor across the street I turned to when I needed help lifting something heavy …I quickly learned that Jeff’s real skill set was designing memorable imagery, whether it was with his paintings or mural art. When I started thinking about sprucing up the entrance to our home theater showroom, I turned to Jeff and asked him to design a mural that would whet the appetite of someone visiting our space for the first time. No surprise, Jeff hit it out of the park with a mash up of classic movie imagery in a style that is simply his alone. We’ve had nothing but high praise from our clients and the design professionals we work with, and it helps us win the battle of ”first impressions” that sets us apart from our competitors. An awesome job from an awesome artist and friend!"

Visit us to see Jeff Schaller’s provocative pieces in action.  Jeff’s work and complete background, resume and available pieces can be found at

See Jeff's studio as part of the Chester County Studio Tour this weekend on Saturday, May 18th from 11am-6pm and Sunday, May 19th from 11am to 5pm. More info can be found at Jeff Schaller's studio ids located at: 80 Highspire Road, Downingtown PA, 19335.

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