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The Beat Goes On…A Look Back At Our Roots

Over the years we have built and rebuilt our showroom.  We have installed and removed equipment in our office countless times.  Clients see and hear our passion in the systems we deliver, but they don’t really know the root of it all.  While we are at the top of our field in technical proficiency and system design there is one thing that has always been in our DNA, Music.

Stone Glidden started over thirty-five years ago when Tom was selling great sounding two channel stereo systems from the likes of JBL, Revel, and Monitor Audio truly classic solutions. Along the way our quest for audio perfection has morphed into seamless control of smart homes, world class home theater, and forward-thinking system design. Music has taught us that while the delivery may change, unadulterated appreciation delivers unequivocal truths.  To appreciate some of the new music formats, you have to know where you came from. While vinyl is hip again … we never left it.

Beat Goes On Big SchoolSpeaking of vinyl, Tom has a 600-album collection, and yours truly has a somewhat smaller collection. The king of all vinyl collections, however, belongs to Stone Glidden’s VP of Operations, Matt Marcinowski, with over 8000 vinyl gems to listen to. Matt personifies what Stone Glidden is … a company full of enthusiasts.  He ran a record label, “Big School Records”, which produced 8 vinyl records from aspiring Indie artists, as well as a cassette tape venture, “Hope For The Tape Deck”, while also running an Indie music blog, “Beat The Indie Drum”.  There is almost never a day at the Stone Glidden office when his turntable is not spinning. 

That passion is also manifested in the rest of our staff’s connection to music … our project manager, Josh Britton, is an accomplished Indie musician, having released twelve albums over the last ten years. Matt played guitar in an Indie band a few years back. John Whitson, our systems engineer, can pluck a country tune pretty nicely, especially when you get a few beers in him. Dan Hunsinger, our service technician, is a bad ass metal guitarist in his spare time. Even Tom gets in on the action via his return to musical theater after a 40-year hiatus.

That passion for music and performance is what makes our team tick, and keeps us looking towards the future, while appreciating the past. How do smart homes get smarter? What indoor lighting technologies are healthiest for our rhythms? Is Savant, Meridian, or Sonos the best way to deliver groundbreaking, spot on audio in a client’s home theater?  For Stone Glidden all of these questions start from a common place, our passion for music.

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