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The Fast Lane To Enhanced Entertainment

sony bravia

Customers visit our showroom and possibilities begin to percolate.  Our King of Prussia showroom theaters deliver audio visual experiences that drop jaws.  In many instances, folks request that we replicate these immersive entertainment experiences in their homes.  But often times customers have other spaces they would like to have addressed, so we are often asked to create solutions that deliver a “wow” factor that can be accommodated in a smaller or more focused entertainment or living space.

Here are three steps to create a quality entertainment space that delivers in just about any room.

Don’t Cheat On A Stunning Picture

First, what you see is what you get. If you can help it don’t skimp on the monitor.  We at Stone Glidden work in hundreds of homes each year, so it is important for us to deliver both quality and reliability. We have the option to utilize any of the plethora of Television brands in the marketplace.  Out of the very small handful of TV’s we feel meet a high standard of quality we choose one. Sony Bravia.

Bravia does 4k like no other. Primarily because Sony’s X1 processors seem to be ahead of the game.  Essentially the Bravia line is armed with these X1 processers which remaster everything on the screen as individual objects.  Crazy right? The result is amazing color and contrast.

Amp Up The Audio

The next step is to let the Television focus on the picture.  While the Sony Bravia delivers some of the best native audio out there in the Television space, no TV can compete with amped up audio.  Here you have two choices:

Sonos Playbar

sonos playbar

The Playbar features Trueplay software that measures the room and fine tunes the sound to fit and fill the space. Playbar is a versatile unit that makes games, movies, sports and music come alive!

Leon Horizon Soundbar

Leon Horizon Soundbar

Leon works with musicians, producers, acoustic engineers, and leading manufacturers around the world, they custom designed a suite of audio components that provide an immersive listening experience in any space, from luxury living rooms to dedicated home theaters.

The Disappearing Act

The Last step, make it look good and hide the wires. There is an easy and terrific solution out there to house both your monitor and soundbar in one aesthetically pleasing unit, The Edge from Media Décor.  Your Sonos Playbar and your Leon  Horizon Soundbar can find a home here, Media Décor makes the Edge for both soundbars.


 Edge Media Frame

The Edge is a custom-built, solid hardwood frame and sophisticated mounting system that elegantly encases your TV and soundbar. Designed to conceal all borders of the display and speakers while providing ventilation for the electronics, Edge is available in a variety of finishes to bring a streamlined aesthetic to your entertainment space.

When all is said and done combing these three ingredients, Sony Bravia, a quality soundbar from Sonos or Leon and the Edge from Media Décor you will have an amazing entertainment package that looks great in virtually any space. Don’t have a room for a dedicated home theater?  Want to manage cost and still create powerful sight and sound?  You have your answer.