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Three Ways to Keep Up With The Action. Stone Glidden Style

Cooler weather is starting to roll in.  For the first time I had a flicker of thought to get my fireplace going.  Once Pumpkin Spice starts to fill the airwaves and ignite the olfactory senses it is the beginning of hunker down season. That can mean a lot of acronyms, NFL, NBA, NHL just to name a few. It can also mean movies, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu.  No matter what your speed and style are we have three solutions to make your winter months bristle with entertainment greatness.

The Mac Daddy

You could go full Stone Glidden and install a Home Theater.  We have been doing them for 33 years so we know some things.  Here is a quick recipe for a stellar Home Theater. Combine the following:

  1. Introduce the ground breaking, earth shattering technology of Dolby Atmos. Atmos delivers a very real life-like audio experience that will simply blow your mind.
  2. Add in an Audio Video Receiver that can interpret all the vibes Dolby Atmos dishes out. We use an Integra DRX-R1 A/V Receiver in our King of Prussia rear theater.
  3. To give the first two ingredients some additional kick toss in an AudioControl Savoy G3 seven channel amplifier.
  4. Keep it all in house by surrounding the entire room with sound diffusers and sound absorption panels. Sprinkle in a Cinematech Star Ceiling for some ambiance and soul.
  5. Strategically place your desired number of luxurious high quality electric motorized ACT I Valentino chairs, also by Cinematech.
  6. Now the focal point. Install a backlit Screen Innovations Black Diamondscreen. The 114” Black Diamond screen is the world’s first ambient light rejecting screen.  The theater does not need to be pitch dark to enjoy, the Black Diamond is brilliant in a fully lit room.  It is truly amazing.
  7. Add a Tivo Bolt Box so you can search for content across a multitude of platforms including, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon, Vudu and Plex. 
  8. Mix in a Sony UPB-X800 blu-ray player to deliver 4k content from a traditional disk.
  9. Chef’s Tip: Incorporate Kaleidescape. Kaleidescape brings together movies and TV Shows in a stunning library making it beautifully simple to access and enjoy.  Even more impressive is the breadth of 4k content available from the Kaleidescape Store

Bring together all of those items carefully employing maximum artistry.  Or you could call us cuz that’s what we do.

Belly Up To The SoundBar

Soundbars have been around the block and they have come a long way. They are an easy way to up your game.  We have three Soundbar solutions we use as our go to:

The Leon line of Horizon Soundbars is truly exceptional. They can be custom fit for any size monitor.  Working with musicians, producers, acoustic engineers, and leading manufacturers around the world, Leon has custom designed a suite of audio components that provide an immersive listening experience in any space, from luxury living rooms to dedicated home theaters.

The Sonos Playbar is another great Soundbar. It features Trueplay software that measures the room and fine tunes the sound to fit and fill the space. Playbar is a versatile unit that makes games, movies, sports and music come alive!

The Studio 65 SB is Artison’s flagship model in its Sound Bar series, and provides exceedingly clear, intelligible and accurate reproduction with the dynamics required for today’s High Definition content.  Designed to be hidden in plain sight utilizing a custom grille available in any color or design, and matching the TV’s width, the Studio 65 blends seamlessly into every environment.

King of The Widgets

Did you know we also provide TV’s?  If you want to do something turnkey to elevate the viewing season we roll with SONY Bravia.  We find the Bravia line to stand head and shoulders above the competition. As far as TV’s go, well we are always adding audio enhancements, but if you had to go with naked TV sound, Bravia would not embarrass you.

Bravia does 4k like no other. Primarily because Sony’s X1 processors seem to be ahead of the game.  Essentially the Bravia line armed with these X1 processers remaster everything on the screen as individual objects.  Crazy right? The result is amazing color and contrast.

So there you have it Sports, Movie and TV fans.  As always give us a ring or drop us a line and check out all of these technologies in real time at our King of Prussia showroom.