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What is a Smart Home?

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Take a stroll up and down the aisles at Home Depot or Lowe's and you will see a plethora of "Smart Things", each equipped with their own app. Perhaps you are interested in smart light bulbs or maybe smart locks to keep your home secure. Or there is the sleek designed and popular Nest smart thermostat. Literally you could go on and on, whether its surveillance, water heaters, refrigerators even irrigation systems.

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There Is One Thing Missing.

We at Stone Glidden applaud these companies and their innovation. If you think about it we are in the innovation business. We source and assemble technologies that can enhance your lifestyle. So when we see these individual companies innovate in their space, we cheer them on. However, when you take all of these individual technologies and place them side by side they are each individually smart, but is your home smart? The answer is no. Do you know why? Because one thing is missing. The Brain.

It’s My Body And I Will Be Smart If I Want To.

Think about it like this. In and of itself the body is made up of “Smart Parts.” Almost every cell in your body acts independently of brain involvement. Reflexes are a great example. Your heart is going to beat, your organs are going to work, and your eyes are capable of vision regardless of brain activity. Conversely, what you can’t do without your brain is analyze the environment and create a response using one or a host of bodily capabilities. A computer works exactly the same way. As I type, Microsoft Word is doing all the work. But the minute I need the computer to think, the CPU takes over.

smart apps dumb homeSmart App. Dumb Home.

Many of the Apps associated with “Smart Things” are truly wonderful and aesthetically pleasing. It is just not possible for them to think outside of their individual function. Smart light bulbs may dim or change color, which may be a kick for a home enthusiast, but is that really what you want your home to do?
When we meet with homeowners invariably they prefer something like this. “I leave my home, the garage closes, the lights light randomly in different rooms, the shades pull down three quarters and my heat goes to 65 degrees, while the security goes on. The lights change their pattern throughout the evening so it looks like somebody is home. I can check on this and change anything using my phone whether I am next door or in Rome. When I do return home, I hit the garage opener, the garage opens, the lights illuminate a pathway through the house, the security goes off, the heat or AC goes on to the desired temperature. My favorite mood music kicks on. When I go to bed I hit ‘Goodnight’ the lights throughout the house adjust accordingly, the outdoor lighting will gradually dim as the sun rises in the morning. The shades will rise according to the same schedule”

savantThe Real Smarts

The win in the Smart Home space are those systems that are the brains and are upgrade-able. Savant is a terrific example. You can add an infinite number of “Smart Things” and make them capable of working in an “If...then” environment. Systems like Savant can understand and create logic if you will.
Now isn’t a logical home a smart home?

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