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The Stone Glidden Difference

With 30 years of experience designing integrated systems, we come to the initial meeting prepared to answer what you most want to know , " what solution are you proposing, and how much will it cost ? “.

We'll take the time to understand the scope of work you desire, suggest a variety of solutions for you to consider, and with your input, build a budget for your project, accurate within 5 %, right on the spot.

Our process saves you time, money, & aggravation by working together at the first meeting to assemble a plan that is in your comfort zone, whether it’s a modest one room system, or a comprehensive whole home system. It’s a question of respecting your time, and we are the only area integration firm that understands that …



Step 1: Systems Design:

Based on the initial meeting, our system engineer will assemble your system quote within seven days, customized to your preferences and the agreed upon budget. Unlike our competitors quotes, which are little more than Excel spreadsheets with a big number at the end, our quotes are prepared with photo realistic images of the equipment specified, priced & presented on a room by room basis, with a description of system operation written in plain English.

You'll understand what we are proposing, how it will work, and what it will cost, with an attention to detail that no other firm can provide. Based on your input, we will make any small adjustments needed to tailor the quote to your preferences, and ultimate approval.


Step 2: Engineering

After you have signed off on the system design and project price, our engineer will begin producing the technical documentation needed for the three phases of your project : prewiring, trimout, and final installation, generating the information we will use to produce your project, and provide ongoing service of your system going forward. Our engineer will remain engaged throughout your project, working with your project manager to ensure a successful installation.


Step 3: Implementation

During all three phases of your project, you will work with a dedicated project manager whose job it is to manage your project from acceptance to final completion. Your project manager will be your main point of contact throughout the process, coordinating with the other contractors involved with your project, communicating scheduling, documenting any changes to the project as they develop, and providing professional guidance on any questions you have as your project progresses. Once your system installation is complete, he will submit all documentation back to the engineer, who will update your documentation to “as built “ so we have the information needed for ongoing service of your system going forward.


Step 4: Service and Support

Once your project is complete, our service department will take over any needs that may arise, a key to your long term satisfaction. By assembling “ as-built “ documentation and archiving programming code for your job, we ensure that your system can be serviced for life with accuracy and diligence. Unlike most of our competitors, we have a full time service technician dedicated to service issues, ensuring we can respond in a timely fashion to your needs.