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The Beat Goes On…A Look Back At Our Roots

The Beat Goes On…A Look Back At Our Roots

Over the years we have built and rebuilt our showroom.  We have installed and removed equipment in our office countless times.  Clients see and hear our passion in the systems we deliver, but they don’t really know the root of it all.  While we are at the top of our field in technical proficiency and system design there is one thing that has always been in our DNA, Music.

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The Artistry Behind Stone Glidden


Parties, client meetings, partner meetings, and industry events at our King of Prussia showroom all deliver some universal reactions.  When guests walk into the space before they even get into the sights, sounds and technology, they are pleased by the theater-like setting along with the geometry of the space.  They seem generally calmed by the atmospheric lighting that washes carefully over the rooms.  Most seem taken by the marriage of art and science which is manifested through aesthetically pleasing audio and visual equipment arranged with an exactitude and silent reverence for their capability.

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The New Smart Kid On The Block

Loxone House

We think long and hard before we bring on a new technology. Stone Glidden has been built on innovation and just as important, reliability. We meet with manufacturers many times before making a decision.  We then road test the technology for usability, customer experience and reliability when inserted into a matrix of surrounding systems.  After that long road we then ask a series of questions.   Would our customers find this useful?  Does this make our customers lives easier and bring enjoyment?  From there we make a decision on whether or not to add any given piece of technology into the Stone Glidden stable.

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