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Great Outdoor Space Design + Impeccable Audio + Smart Lighting = Happy Clients


Over the years Stone Glidden has worked to make hundreds of Outdoor Spaces come alive. Cool serenity washes over client’s faces when they see how the pieces come together to create a timeless experience. A place you can get lost in, right outside your door.

The spaces that really seem to work are those that start with thoughtful landscape design. Great craftsmanship infused with surrounding nature (see our blog: The Donald Pell Experience).


Any outdoor space can be brought alive with some thought and expertise. Think about the things that client's enjoy most doing in their outdoor spaces: relaxing, entertaining, dining, sleeping, thinking, reading, exercising, meditating, unwinding after work. Two things can accelerate all of those experiences, sight and sound.  Music can facilitate every single one of those activities

Sonarray Top ShotImagine music with absolute clarity that surrounds a well thought out and aesthetically pleasing space. You can’t see or hear where it’s coming from, it just sounds complete at any volume level. It becomes the space. Neighbors can’t hear it, only the space for which the sound is meant. This is the experience we achieve with Sonance Landscape Systems.  The sound is absolutely remarkable. The satellite speakers and the in-ground subwoofer are integrated into the landscape. You can’t see them.

We install the system so that it takes into account the individual acoustics of each space.  The entire system is laid out in such a way that the circumference of sound is resident upon the desired refuge, not a neighbor’s yard.


By far one of the most underutilized experience heighteners for outdoor spaces is light.  Usually we see some light strings or some up-lighting.  What if you could create an infinite amount of lighting scenes outdoors?  What if you could group lights and regroup them as your needs serve? We use Lutron Smart Lighting.  Using a phone or tablet clients can choose or create as many lighting scenes as they wish.  Scenes like: Pool, Outdoor Kitchen, Party, Dinner, Late Night, Relax, the list goes on and on.

Smart lighting can also adjust the brightness of lighting according to an astronomical clock. That is to say, if your clients so choose, their lights will brighten as the sun goes down to a level that you select. Conversely, they can dim as the sun comes up until they are completely off.

There is one more very good added benefit. Security!  The outdoor space can be continually lit in random patterns making the space look occupied whether folks are home or in Rome.


Outdoor SubNot only are the choices we have amazing but also how we can control our space.  Both music and light can be controlled with a phone or tablet. Entire lighting scenes can be controlled from around the world. Additionally, you have an infinite choice of digital music that also is controlled by your phone or tablet, coupled with your lighting creating any mood clients feel.  Pandora, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, you name it, easily integrated and controlled.

Happy Clients

All of us in the trade survive and thrive with happy clients, it almost goes without saying.  When it comes to outdoor spaces the clients we hear from that really rave about their outdoor living have an integrated space.  The space has built in options to make it multi-use.  Not only well built seating or eating areas but the ability to function within the space. That means listening to music, watching a ball game, hosting friends with the lighting mood set.  Thinking about how a client wants to use the space and providing solutions to make the space functionally theirs delivers the vision they had hoped for.

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