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Quite simply Seura is unparalleled. We have road tested this rugged outdoor TV and have found the reliability to be stellar. In fact, we have used it Live at the US Open to discerning Golf Fans in brutal outdoor sunlight and the viewing quality was remarkable.

The design is elegant and not what you would expect in an outdoor TV built for performance.  In fact, Seura's low profile TV's are 41% thinner than traditional outdoor units.  And perform they do, under any weather conditions. Seura TV's are built to withstand all four seasons. Seura's patented seal protection guards against, dust/pollen, moisture and ice.

Probably the most eye-popping feature is the vibrant picture. The color depth and saturation under varying outdoor lighting scenarios is a sight to behold.  Sunlight, shade, midday or evening and the picture remains vivid and the viewing experience unmitigated.  It is funny how clients almost expect to be disappointed when it comes to outdoor viewing.  Seura never ceases to surprise and surpass expectation.

The evolution of the name Seura tells you almost all you need to know..."  Séura draws inspiration for both its name and its design philosophy from the work of Georges Seurat, the influential late-19th century French pointillist painter. Pointillism allows the viewer’s eye to create a complete image from related but individually distinct parts.   Just as clusters of paint work together on Seurat’s canvases to create a masterpiece, pixels of a TV form a cohesive design. Similarly, elements of artwork, furniture and technology come together to create powerful design. At Séura, we believe the best environments are designed when art and science work together."

If you are considering upping your outdoor game with any sort of outdoor television then seriously consider Seura, a wonderful product that can withstand any of the elements while delivering an uncompromising visual experience.

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