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Kat Robbins Interiors…Throwing Stone Glidden Some Serious Shade(s)

We work alongside many Interior Designers. But when it comes to understanding Smart Window Shades and what they bring to the design party, Kat Robbins Interiors really stands out. Kat works hard to integrate both Function and Beauty. Which at the end of the day homeowners really appreciate. In fact, understanding not only aesthetics but how a particular design element can work in a space often has long term benefits inside your home.

By understanding how ambient light may work throughout the day from both a visual perspective and the functional effect heat and light have on a room, Kat Robbins achieves tangible results. We have seen firsthand how Kat uses a multitude of tools to achieve a desired result.

Whether trying to manage an overabundance of natural light in a space, or layering ambient light to accentuate other design elements, Kat’s design acumen and understanding of today’s technology meld together to create something special.

Kat Robbins is a distinguished award-winning designer based in Wayne PA. Contact at 610-291-4220.