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What if we could fix your client's problem without rolling a van ?

Does this ring a bell ? One of the clients you referred to us calls us, after hours, in a panic because their music system went down and they have party guests arriving at seven o’clock .. ahhhh ! It was working just a few minutes prior .. WTF ? The thing is, this scenario is becoming all too familiar as the systems we implement increasingly rely on streaming music services like Spotify or Pandora.

When something stops working, where do you point the finger ?, is it the music service that went down ? .. is it the wireless coverage that’s acting up ? .. or has the equipment actually failed ?, and most importantly, how do we get it fixed in time for the party ?    

The vast majority of system issues that arise are not because equipment actually fails, but more likely that the system is “stuck”, having hiccupped after a momentary line voltage swing from PECO, or a temporary service interruption from their internet service provider. Today’s equipment, when confronted with these scenarios, simply turtles .. it locks up, refusing to come out of it’s shell until it gets some TLC.ovrc

Fortunately, we have a solution .. OvrC .. ( pronounced “oversee” ), that allows our clients to pull out their phone, launch the OvrC app, and push a button to reboot their music, or their wifi, or their TV .. on the spot. No frantic phone calls .. no getting on hands and knees unplugging stuff ..  no van rolls .. pretty cool, right ? It’s cool enough that we have over 400 clients throughout the Delaware Valley that rely on OvrC to keep their system humming along when confronted with these momentary hiccups.

When you refer us into a project, you take it seriously, as our service is a reflection on you. Whether a project we do is small, medium, or enterprise level, we take client satisfaction seriously .. offering clients a timely solution when problems arise, and better long term satisfaction. You – us – them .. It’s a win - win – win.

Questions ? .. give us a shout : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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