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Put Some Hi in your Fi … Deezer hits U.S. Shores…Game Changer

This fall, at an industry event I came across a new music service that is spreading like wildfire. It was one of things that when you see it, you just kind of know its going to be big. Brands like Apple, Sonos, and Google are starting to embrace it. It’s a new streaming based music service from France called Deezer. Well,Deezer is new in the sense that it is only now becoming available in the US, having developed a base of over 16 million users in 50 other countries to date.

For those of you who already stream your music from services like Pandora, Rhapsody, or Spotify, Deezer may not seem that unique at first glance, offering more or less the same catalogue of artists that Rhapsody & Spotify offer, and a similar service, allowing you to select artists, albums, and individual songs at a cost of about $ 10/ month.

What makes Deezer unique is an option called Deezer Elite, a service that streams CD quality music to users willing to pay a little more for better sound quality. In essence, each song streamed via Deezer Elite has 8 times the resolution of a typical MP3 music file that you store on your iPod, or stream though a service like Pandora or Rhapsody.

Is this big ? … you bet ! For years we have sacrificed sound quality for convenience … wanna fit 5000 songs on an iPhone ? No problem … as long as you are willing to listen in an MP3 format that literally removes 90% of the music. Probably OK for listening via Apple’s ear buds … not so good once you connect to your home Hi Fi, where the crisp crack of a Tom Tom sounds more like a dull muddy thud.

At Stone Glidden we have been doing our best to make MP3’s sound better by specifying higher quality amplifiers & speakers, as well as standalone DAC’s ( digital to analog converters ) in an effort to glean the last bit of realism from streaming music. Deezer gives us a way to dramatically improve the quality of the music you listen to.

So, how do you get Deezer? For right now it’s offered exclusively through Sonos, the cloud based streaming music solution that has made music streaming a household staple. If you own a Sonos system, simply click on the Deezer icon & sign up. It’ll run you about $ 19/ month, more than most services, but worth every penny, and they have a special introductory offer of $ 99 if you sign up for a full year.

So take the plunge, spring for a Deezer subscription, fire up some of your favorite tunes, pop a cold one, kick out the jams … get some Hi in your Fi !!!