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Sonos or Heos? Here's How We See (and Hear) It

The "pros" of these two wireless music pros

We have been on the forefront of Sonos just about since its inception. We have demoed Sonos' capabilities thousands of times to our clients in our King of Prussia Showroom. Sonos works wonderfully as an easy control system for Music through both its stand-alone speakers, Play:3 & Play:5, or through a receiver with wired speakers. Every now and then we do get asked if there is a reliable quality alternative to Sonos. In fact there is, Heos by Denon.


Denon HeosHeos has a number of qualities that customers love.  First, Denon is one of the oldest names in home audio and has garnered a lot of respect over the years, It also makes a lot of sense that Heos with the pedigree of Denon has the capability to play Hi Resolution Audio, something Sonos does not do.  So if you are looking for a crystalline Music Source then Hi Resolution Audio is your ticket. Hi-Res Audio is as close to the master as you are going to get and Heos can handle it, with style. Heos delivers powerful sound throughout its entire family of wireless speakers.

Recently we have experienced an uptick in clients opting for Heos. How can that be?  It's the interface. Let's face it more often than not the reason anybody opts for a wireless music system is to be able to control your system via your phone or tablet, choose from a variety of music sources and then let it play, The way you interact with the system on a daily basis is via the interface, that is your experience. To you and I the interface is the system. Heos has a very elegant and simple interface, many of our clients and Techs prefer it.

Sonos Living roomSo which do you choose Sonos or Heos? For the past 32 years Stone Glidden has grown because we do a good job and we don't blow smoke.  In the case of Sonos vs Heos, it really comes down to what you prefer. Both systems perform very well. If you want Hi Resolution Audio then choose Heos. But if Hi Res Audio is not your bag, we suggest checking out both interfaces and decide which you prefer.

You can try out both Heos by Denon and Sonos in our King of Prussia Showroom. Simply Click Here and let us know when you would like to drop by.