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The Smartest, Coolest & Most Overlooked Energy Saving Design Element…Smart Shades

When we speak with homeowners these days many are informed about one or two of the smart home design solutions that we offer. Given the popularity of Sonos many have heard of one of the music solutions in the marketplace. But there is one solution that many homeowners don’t intuitively think of when it comes to impactful design, a sleek aesthetic, home security, comfort and energy savings. That is motorized shades.


Motorized shades are fully controllable via a smart phone or tablet via a stand-alone app or an integrated control solution like Savant. At first you might think shades? Really? Those who visit our King of Prussia showroom are easily converted, in fact they convert themselves.

Custom Motorized Window Shades We partner with Lutron to offer an entire line of motorized shades which can be controlled, along with Smart Lighting, through Lutron’s award –winning App.   Both Lighting and Shades are capable of executing an infinite number of schedules, creating a different scenario and providing security. How so?

Imagine this.  It’s winter time and gets dark at 5:30pm.  At 5:15pm the shades in your house lower. Each shade scheduled to lower to a different length. The lengths and times can be changed for every shade, every day or multiple times a day.  The effect? The lighting in your house always looks different…even if you are not there. You could be skiing in Vail for 10 days but the appearance of your house is always changing. Making it very difficult to ascertain whether anyone is home.  The best part, you can edit the schedule from Vail or anywhere via the app.  Smart lighting works much the same way.

Motorized shades are a juggernaut when it comes to energy savings. Whether a room is in the full summer sun or winter shade, motorized shades extremely effective for moderating both temperature and overbearing sunlight.  Keeping your home cool in the summer or warm in the winter.  They can also be programmed to open or close based on time of day.  When the room needs the solar effect they move up, when it needs to shield against the cool outside temperatures it moves down. Again every shade in every room can be set to move according to the needs of the room.

Comfort is not the only benefit of motorized shades … do you have an abundance of hard wood floors, perhaps some fine rugs and/or furniture ?  Any guess on what repeated exposure to the sun will do to your space ? You guessed right … it will fade fabrics and bleach floors in only a year or two of sustained exposure … another reason to consider them as a staple of your home rather than a luxury.

Aesthetically, the design elements come in a multitude of colors and fabrics, pleasing homeowners and interior designers.  In fact we have never come across an instance where we couldn’t match a motorized shade to fit or enhance a design palette. Click to Check out Lutron’s Fabric Resource, it’s impressive.

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